Own Your Social Media Real Estate

Own Your Social Media Real Estate

Did you know that you can own social media real estate online? Social media platforms are like real estate but they are all located along the internet highway. Just like real estate they require purchasing, upgrading, maintenance, and occupation for long term benefits and success.

Would you buy property with buildings on it and then leave the doors and windows open and go on vacation for a year? Would you get a prime location downtown and leave it empty and unguarded so that squatters could move in? How do you feel about mice and rats taking over? Would you enjoy some cockroaches or bed bugs?

Social media is just like real estate. Your page on Google is land that you can own. When someone looks up your name you can own that real estate or you can leave that space empty. What is the danger of empty space? If it is empty then someone else can be living in it.

Sometimes people are worried that if they go onto the social media platforms people may say something negative about them. Some companies worry that their employees may say something bad about them. Others are concerned about a customer complaining on their Facebook page. All of these things are not just possibilities, they are probabilities eventually. The one thing that you can do about it through is to own your own social media real estate. If one person writes something negative about you there will be 25 sites that say something positive because you made sure those positive sites were there. When people look up your company website they often look to see who runs the company. The next stop is to Google those names. Be sure you own the space on your name as well as on your company!

Step 1: Buy the property

Most social media platforms are free. So money is not the issue, but the time to set them up is the cost. Fill out your pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn for sure. You may want to use Pinterest if your target market is women or if you have a product or service that could benefit from photographs. You Tube is a great option if you are in an extremely competitive industry. Blogging gives you a lot of exposure and it identifies you as a thought leader. Having all of these in place with a pimped out profile adds to your availability marketing. It makes it very easy for you to be found by your name and by the name of your company online.

Step 2: Build up the value of the real estate

If you bought a house you would invest in it wouldn’t you? You may add a fence or repair the light fixtures to increase and maintain the value. Social media is the same. Add to your profiles and pimp them out. When you change it up a bit there is often a notification that goes out to your connections and they even go look at it. There is a great opportunity to say good things about yourself, your unique offering, and your company in the summary or about section. People believe what they read there, so be honest but also be thorough.

Step 3: Take care of the property

People follow you on Twitter because they want to have something to follow. Use Hootsuite or some other aggregator to put your Tweets and LinkedIn posts out on a regular basis. It can be programmed in a couple of hours for the whole month. This tactic assists your awareness marketing as you are being consistent in your posting and it now offers a place where others can post positively about you as well.

Step 4: Expand Your Territory

If nobody is following or connecting then you are shouting into an empty room. Add Twitter followers for an hour while watching television at night. Add LinkedIn connections by getting out that big box of business cards that you collected and putting their emails into your contacts. Get an admin to do it for $12 an hour if you are too busy. Take a few minutes at a time to make more friends, or to book a coffee from your LinkedIn connections.

We hope these tips help you to increase the value of your social media properties and to keep vagrants and varmints from moving in on your own land. For more tips on how to build your LinkedIn Profile, or why you need to take part in a LinkedIn platform as a business owner see our website Loyal2U.ca.


Kerry George is the owner of the Canadian Imperial Business Network as well as Loyal2U Communications & Marketing. In the last two years she has used social media techniques to go from zero to a hundred miles an hour in the Calgary market. Being completely new to the business community social media was the primary tool that she used to increase her own business as well as to promote her clients. The finest example of that is the CIBN network and the Calgary Business Network which are rapidly expanding across the city of Calgary and bringing on new members daily due to these methods.

If you need help with any of your online strategies give Kerry a call and she will recommend someone from the network to assist you with your needs. 403-397-1909

Look after your social media real estate needs!

Look after your social media real estate needs!


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