The Twin Towers Of Networking And Social Networking

The Twin Towers Of Networking And Social Networking

Networking and social networking go together.

It used to be that the only way to network in Calgary or anywhere else was to go out to a variety of functions and meet the right people face-to-face. There is nothing wrong with that method yet today if you are getting in front of the right people. It is hard however to always get into the inner circle of the people that you need to connect with on that initial event. Time is money so one needs a wider area to cast their net. Another issue is the fact that even if you met the ideal prospect for your services at a networking function the chances are slim that you can close them to a deal on the spot. Most networking events are not set up with that goal in mind. They are usually designed for quick interactions and follow-up is then required to move forward. This is where networking and social networking online can provide advantages to support your personal presentation.

Typically it takes seven touches to get the sale.

If the networking event was touch number  one then adding them to your LinkedIn connections could be touch number two. The next touch could be that they looked at your personal feed on LinkedIn and followed it to your website where they then visited your Facebook page and “liked” it. Now they are getting multiple touches coming to their handheld Blackberry. Soon they will read your blog and follow you on Twitter as well. All of these things can happen within the first week of contact so now as you actually make the follow-up call this prospect has gone from cold to warm before you even picked up the phone.

Are you seeing how networking is working with the online social networking?

If you have been pro-active and set up a business Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account and a blog, you now look like a thought leader in your industry. If you preprogram some tweets and posts using Hootsuite you look intelligent and consistent. These things can be found online so many times people have seen something about you even before you met them in person at the networking event. If you have used a good head shot of yourself on your profiles you are easily identified when you are out in public. Now when they meet you for the first time at an event they already know who you are and they feel very comfortable. If you book the appointment to meet them in their office at the event the chances of you closing a deal in that first follow-up is significantly increased.

Networking and social networking together is one of the unique advantages of working with the CIBN over other networks.

We get it. We teach it. We make it available for you. When you engage in the process you will see a real increase in your bottom line. The training for this goes on every month in one way or another. There are lunch & learns that are free for Level 2 members. There are half day seminars available for free for Level 3 members.  There is deeper training and accountability groups for our MasterMind Members. We want to see you succeed more.

You can also get a lot of the information that you need right here on this blog. Recently we posted an article about how to Own Your Social Media Real Estate. You can also visit the Loyal2U blog to get free tips on how to build your LinkedIn business. Spending half an hour a week on any given morning, reading and applying one of these articles will change your bottom line. We know this because we do this. We drink our own kool-aid and our phone rings as a result.

The Canadian Imperial Business Network uses networking and social networking almost exclusively. We have tried flyers, posters, hand-outs, cold calling, newspapers and a variety of other mediums with limited measurable outcomes. We may try some other things but over and over up to this point social networking has produced rapid results. We highly recommend networking and social networking to our members.

networking and social networking

Could Calgary have twin towers?


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